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Is er iets niet helemaal duidelijk over onze musicalles in Amsterdam, of zou je graag gewoon even met iemand aan de telefoon willen kletsen? Dat kan natuurlijk! Bel me gerust, of stuur een berichtje.

Musicalles Amsterdam, IJburg



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Dank je wel voor je interesse!
  • What does the final presentation look like?
    The final presentation consists of a nice 'performance' in the theater room. We will show there what we have learned in the past year and will put this in a nice jacket. That is always a very fun and exciting moment.
  • What are the lesson prices?
    The lesson prices can be found here
  • Hoe kan ik mij aanmelden voor een proefles
    Dat kan door hier te klikken.
  • How long does a season last?
    Our Musical Garden season 2022 will run from September 7 to July 12 and we will conclude with a dazzling final presentation. More about our classes? Click here.
  • How do I register my child for musical lessons?
    We will arrange the registration by telephone. This way we can answer direct questions or comments immediately. We can be reached on 0611760995
  • Can my child make up for a lesson?
    Unfortunately this is not possible. If you are unable to attend your lesson, it is not possible to make up for it at another group, location, teacher or time. We ask you to always unsubscribe via so that we are aware of everyone's absence.
  • Do I have to pay for the lesson in the absence?
    We assume that every child is involved in every lesson. Lessons will be charged in the event of illness or absence. This to prevent it from becoming a sweet raid and we will be there every week with a permanent club.
  • What is the notice period?
    When paying by direct debit, we use a notice period of one calendar month. If you cancel before the first of the month, no more will be collected for the following month. Example: you cancel your subscription on September 28, then you will be unsubscribed as of November 1. If you cancel your subscription on October 3, you will be unsubscribed as of December 1. Interim cancellation is not possible when paying via an annual invoice. In that case, no money can be refunded.
  • What should I bring to the trial lesson?
    You can wear comfortable clothes, bring indoor (gym) shoes, and of course also a backpack full of good sense. Then we provide a nice glass of lemonade. Want to know more about a free trial lesson? Click here.
  • Can I attend the trial lesson as a parent?
    As a parent, you can join the trial lesson. In this way, you as a parent can also see how we fill in our lessons and in which sizes your child enjoys them. When the lessons start, the parents are only welcome to take a look at our lesson during the last 10 minutes of the lesson.
  • Wat gebeurt er na de proefles?
    Na de proefles bellen we jullie op om de les te evalueren. Hoe vond jullie kind het? Hoe vonden júllie het? We maken een eventuele inschrijving compleet, en dan hopen we natuurlijk jullie kind een week later weer gezellig in de les te zien.
  • When can I take a trial lesson?
    That is allowed at any time of the year. Sign up and we will contact you shortly.
Musicalles Amsterdam
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