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Musicalles Amsterdam, IJburg

Will you join us on Wednesday?

Welcome to The Musicaltuin!

We laugh, we learn and we're having fun!

 We will introduce the children in a playful and creative way, to dancing, singing and acting.


Will your child participate in our classes? At De Musicaltuin we bring out the best in your child . Under the guidance of teacher Dewy, the children will be able to to grow and flourish in our classes.

Wednesdays from 3pm-4pm  (4-5 years old) and  

16.00-17.00 (6-7 years old)  in the Vrijburcht Theater.


Amsterdam | IJburg

Utrecht | Leidsche Rijn

musicalles leidscherijn

Where children grow and flourish


At De Musicaltuin we have developed a unique teaching package that stimulates the creativity of children. The children are introduced to dancing, singing and acting in a playful and creative way.

Because of our personal and individual attention for each child, we can clearly see what is needed for each children his/her  own growing process. 


musicalles Amsterdam


In addition to growing, we see every time that the children flourish in their personal development: they gain self-confidence, they learn to communicate, make friends and are better able to deal with their emotions.

We think it is important that our students dare to be themselves. That they have fun and be creative. 


The Musicaltuin is proud to be the 'water', allowing children to flourish with us.


Musicalles Ijburg

"Mijn dochters zijn dol op Dewy's lessen, ze kijken uit naar de dag om te dansen, acteren en zingen. Het is een gastvrije en veilige omgeving en dit maakt dat ze zich vrij voelen om zichzelf uit te drukken zoals ze willen. Ze kiezen vaak iets speciaals of excentrieks uit hun kledingkast om naar de les te dragen. En wanneer ze thuis zijn, reproduceren ze de geleerde choreografieën heel goed. Mijn oudste dochter was verlegen, maar ze kan zichzelf nu heel goed uiten in de lessen. Echt een aanrader!"

Adriana - moeder Rosa en Frida

Musicalles Ijburg en Leidsche Rijn
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