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activiteiten ijburg

Miss Dewy


I'm Dewy Vlaardingerbroek!


I am the face in front of and behind the scenes of

The Musical Garden.

As a child I was already a creative spring-in-the-field. Dance class, gymnastics, musical, I did it all and I couldn't get enough.


In my younger years I always had a great affinity with children and with teaching, so the path to the Dance in Education course at Fontys School of the Arts was a logical next step.  


After graduating in 2019, I gained many years of teaching experience at a large youth theater school. After two years at the helm for another youth theater school, it is now finally time to stand on my own two feet with my beautiful musical garden.  


I hope to welcome you here with great love and pleasure. 

activiteiten ijburg

Dewy in three 

In addition to teaching musicals, Dewy can be found in various theaters and at many events, both in front of and behind the scenes. 

activiteiten ijburg

Miss Dewy 

Together with her little Miffy

activiteiten ijburg

Dewy in the Efteling

Dancer and acrobat

activiteiten ijburg

Dewy the producer

Folder and mobile in hand

Especially for this performance we made custom Miffy costumes for all children.  Are they not for eating?

Dewy has a total of more than 6 years of experience as a musical teacher. 

As a freelancer I dance at various events  but also in the theatre. 

For example, at the performance Caro, in the Efteling, you can see me hanging in the aerials! 

I work on both a production and editorial level for various parties, including RooxLive. I take care of both the back office and the social media. 

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